Discover Azra

Azra is a place of death and glory; magic and wonder; heartbreak, sorrow and darkness; love, light and prosperity. Azra is a world. A world as diverse as any other. It is a place full of people, history and adventure. Fans of epic fantasy fiction, the sword-and-sorcery genre, will find a new home here, as will others who enjoy a twisted mystery tale or heart-stopping thriller.

The tales of Azra aren’t always large in scale, full of monsters and mythical fantasy elements, sometimes these stories to read online are grounded and down-to-earth. From tales of people trying to find their place in the world, to others wrapped in magic, there is something for all fiction fanatics here on The Azrian Portal.


Fantasy Stories to Read Online: Getting Started

Azra has a lot to offer. These fantasy stories to read online are perfect for all readers; both big fantasy fans and general lovers of fiction alike. But where should you start? Depending on what kind of story you are looking for, there are plenty of options available here on The Azrian Portal. Below you'll find recommendations for which stories you should try first, based on what kind of tale you want to read.


Epic Fantasy

Ash and Bone

Ash and Bone is a tale wrapped in magic and mythical creatures. Enter a part of Azra where nothing is quite as it seems.



At over 8000 words, the story of Kiara will keep you going for a good hour. The perfect tale of Azra to escape for quite some time, discover the energitic streets of Coldmore.

Low Fantasy


Caught in the wild, hounded by dangerous predators, Driev is out for survival. But, there are some suprises in store along the way. 


Save Her

This fantasy story to read online is around 4500 words. Enough to take you deep into the world of Azra, but not so long that you get caught from your other responsibilities!

Not-Really Fantasy

The Crucible

Those who enter The Crucible of Steel play a game for their lives. Learn the rules, and discover how unfortunate souls end up here. 



Sitting at just over 2000 words, this tale from the corners of Azra may be light on words, but not on subject matter. Explore the islands of a people trapped in their ways.