Me and my co-writer

Me and my co-writer


Copywriter by day; blog writer in the evening sometimes; writer of this crap the rest of the time: I'm James and I write a lot. Some of it is good, hopefully. Most of it rubbish that will never be read by anyone. By God though, do I write a lot of s*** down. 

I started this website because I love what I do, and I want to share that with people who might get some sort of enjoyment out of it. My Grandma once told me, in so many words, that being creative is important, because it can make people happy, and I guess that's why The Azrian Portal exists.

Yes, it may sound like bulls***, but it's not. 

That's about it. I don't want this website to be self-serving (not until I can make some money anyway...) Like a typical writer I just prefer to hide behind my words, but I figured if I didn't do an about page somebody would saying something eventually. So, here you go, whoever you are.

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