Free Fantasy Audiobooks

Looking to fill your time on your commute to work or just feel like sitting down, resting your eyes and listening to a story? The tales told here on The Azrian Portal are also available as free fantasy audiobooks. 

What is Azra?

Azra is a fantasy world that comes complete with everything you'd expect from a realm beyond our own. It's full of magic, monstrous creatures and incredible adventures. It's also inhabited by real people, with depth, detail, imperfections and beauty. Azra both mimics our own world and brings it to life with new and fantastical elements; think lands from some of the best fantasy books available, like Middle-Earth, Westeros, Narnia, Discworld, and Azeroth.

Why Listen to These Fantasy Audiobooks?

These free fantasy audiobooks explore both high and low fantasy, all set within the world of Azra. Some are tales of mythical beings and epic clashes, while others explore the depths of humanity, culture and society. Some are similar, others are very different. There is something for all fans of fiction and storytelling here, whether you're looking to listen to a story totally beyond the reaches of our own world or a tale that rings true to life. You'll also find some that are long, and some are much shorter, great for a quick sit down or longer trip.

How to Listen

The free fantasy audiobooks available on The Azrian Portal can either be downloaded as an MP3 file or streamed via Soundcloud. If you are looking read short stories online, there are ten available tales on this website, however, only three are currently available as audiobooks. More will be added periodically. If you want more, or would like to read instead of listen, why not check out the fantasy ebook that has been put together? 

*Note: These stories are not professionally done. If you’d like to listen to audiobooks from other writers, check out this blog on the best fantasy audiobooks.



Length: 36 Minutes

The Story: Young Myah has had enough of the sacrifices, and she isn't the only one. When word comes from that the pyres can no longer be lit, how will the people of her people cope with the impending wrath of the Goddess, Azra?

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The Wraith

Length: 20 Minutes

The Story: Caught in the frozen wastes, out for nothing but revenge, what will get him first? The monstrous, ancient killing machine, or the bitter cold?


Ash and Bone

Length: 15 Minutes

The Story: The forest doesn't want you here. The forest doesn't want you to escape.  Enter a dark and desolate woodlands and discover a world ripped apart by mysterious magic.