Quick Facts Cheat Sheet for Game of Thrones Spin-Off News of 2019

It wasn’t much of a surprise to learn that HBO would be considering new adventures in G.R.R Martin’s expansive fantasy universe, considering the success of the series. This means that despite the fact that Winds of Winter is not likely to be one of the new fantasy books of 2019 that we’re going to see, this year isn’t without development of other Game of Thrones related projects.

We’ve already seen a fair bit of Game of Thrones spin-off news in 2019. Media outlets regularly have little tidbit updates for us about progression of these potential shows. Keeping on top of all the details can be a challenge, however, so I’m here to make it easy for you. This blog quickly recaps all the Game of Thrones spin-off news for 2019 that we’ve had so far, so you can get up to speed without having to do the research yourself.

General Game of Thrones 2019 Spin-Off News

In a moment, we’ll get into some of the nitty-gritty details regarding the Game of Thrones spin-offs. But before that, here are a few bits of more general information about the upcoming HBO projects:

  • There Is Potential For Multiple Shows - The HBO Game of Thrones spin-off slate is currently looking at multiple avenues to explore. They haven’t confirmed what stories these would cover, but it looks likely that we’ll see a few different series in the future.

  • Four Game of Thrones Spin-Offs Are In Development - In support of the above, it has been confirmed that at least four shows are at least in early stages of development, with scripts being put together for consideration. This doesn’t mean they’ll be made though, so don’t get caught up in the idea of non-stop Thrones.

  • One Idea Has Already Been Scrapped - In recent Game of Thrones spin-off news for 2019, it was revealed that one project has already been canned. This is actually good to hear, because it at least demonstrates HBO aren’t going to throw out any old series that they can brand and sell.

  • Dan and Dave Aren’t Involved - The lead showrunners, Dan Weiss and David Benioff, generally considered to be the masterminds behind the series, are not involved with the new projects. They’re fronting new Star Wars movies instead, passing the torch over to more talent.

  • G.R.R Martin Will Be Involved - As with Game of Thrones, the author will be involved in any series that do come to fruition, taking on an executive producer role. Basically this means minimal input but enough so that he’ll probably take an advisory position.

Game of Thrones Spin-Off News for 2019: The Confirmed Series

Outside of the more general Game of Thrones spin-off news in 2019, we’ve also had confirmation of one project that is definitely going ahead. Again, details are vague and scant, but this is what we know:

  • It Is a Prequel Series - Sources are have confirmed it will be a prequel to Game of Thrones, and are quoted as saying this about the show: “From the horrifying secrets of Westeros’ history to the true origin of the white walkers, the mysteries of the East to the Starks of legend — it’s not the story we think we know.”

  • It Will Be Set Far in the Past - The Game of Thrones spin-off will take place deep in the histories of Westeros, around 5,000-10,000 years prior to events of the books and current show.

  • No Characters Are to Return - Given the above information, it will be pretty obvious that none of the characters you know and love will make a reappearance. Their ancestors just might, however.

  • It’s Been In Development a While - Mr G.R.R Martin stated on his blog that HBO has been developing the prequel series for over a year, which means it’s approaching production stages already.

  • The Game of Thrones Spin-Off Films in 2019 - The above point is backed up by reports that suggest that filming will begin the summer of this year.

  • Stars and Actors Have Been Confirmed - With actual filming getting underway soon, it is not surprising we’ve got a list of cast that are confirmed for the show. This includes, but definitely not limited to:

    • Naomi Watts (The lead role in The Ring)

    • Josh Whitehouse (Some dude in Poldark)

    • Jamie Campbell Bower (Caius in the Twilight series)

    • John Simm (The Master in Doctor Who)

    • Georgie Henley (The little girl in The Chronicles of Narnia)

And, for now anyway, that’s everything I could find. If you know something I didn’t mention, please share it in the comments or email me a GIF of a suitably angry bird. Or a sassy image of Lyanna Mormont.

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