Dark Fantasy Short Stories

Welcome to one of the darkest corners of The Azrian Portal. A place where you can enter Azra and explore grim and twisted tales that bubble beneath the surface of the world. From torrid affairs of death and violence to eye-opening looks into the unsettling depths of the human (or not so human) psyche, this is a place where dark fantasy stories come alive.

The Best Dark Fantasy Short Stories on The Azrian Portal

The Azrian Portal is full of all kinds of fantasy. From epics to low fantasy, when looking for fantasy short stories, there isn’t much you won’t find here, and dark fantasy short stories certainly aren’t one them. If you are looking for the best dark fantasy short stories this website has to offer, here are some to get stuck into:

Save Her

The world this far south is barren and harsh. Bankamp knows this, but work is work. He was happy enough, avoiding the dregs of humanity as he went about his business, until she entered the seedy tavern. A young girl, for sale to the highest and most debauched bidder. Can he let this slip him by as well?


The Merchant of Bones

Somebody has to keep the mines running. Somebody has to keep the mongrels working. Without the Merchant of Bones, the trade dries and the city crumbles. It’s a gruesome and bloody service he provides, but a service nonetheless. But as tensions rise, will the people have enough?



A world overthrown by monster worshipping cultists. A prince forced into slavery, hunting for sacrifices to feed the mad sects desires to summon a vengeful god. But, there are worse monsters in the world than those that exist in fables. What depths will he go to in order to gift his people freedom?


Why Read These Dark Fantasy Stories?

Dark fantasy stories are part of a captivating subgenre that delight in the same way that they disturb. These aren’t your typical sword-and-sorcery, fairytale-style stories of noble knights and frail old wizards. This isn’t the type of fantasy that enchants you with flamboyant magic, elegant creatures, wondrous landscapes and energetic new cultures.

Dark fantasy is exactly that, dark. Often grim and sordid, this genre of fantasy is permeated by adult themes and disturbing plotlines. The best dark fantasy short stories plumb the depths of our most terrible nature and desires, leaving the reader feeling unsettled, but in an enthralling way. It’s an area of fantasy that can really shock you, leading you down paths you’d never expect.

The genre offers some of the most engaging, enriching and relatable opportunities for storytelling of any type of fiction. Just because stories are set in a strange and mystical world, doesn’t mean they can’t capture you and reel you in like other, more true-to-life narratives. Many of the best fantasy books feature darker elements that really give them power, as does a lot of the new fantasy books of 2019. This is thanks to their more down-to-earth tones and themes.