The Azrian Anthology: Free eBook Download


Discover a free eBook download and transport yourself to a new and epic world.

Step through the Azrian Portal with The Azrian Anthology fantasy eBook download. Complete with ten fantasy short stories, you can indulge yourself in this world of twisted and dark tales, character-driven drama and stories of utter mayhem.

This free eBook download is available on your Amazon Kindle, Android, iOS device and many other e-readers.

With tales varying from 1000 to 8000 words, there are stories in this anthology short enough for you to try without committing hours of your day, and long enough to help you escape the world around you.

Why not give this free eBook download a go?


Why Download This Free eBook?

I know what you are thinking: is this free eBook download for you?

There are millions of books out there; thousands of fantasy eBooks at your fingertips, so why venture through the Azrian Portal and commit to this free eBook download?

I wrote The Azrian Anthology with all sorts of readers in mind. Of course, it’s primarily for fans of fantasy stories, but if the story is good enough, that can be anyone.

The Azrian Anthology isn’t always full of monsters and crazy magic. Some of the best and most engaging fantasy is that which is more grounded and based around people, and so that is what I wrote.

The stories you’ll find with this free eBook download are focused on human conflict with sometimes subtle, sometimes a bit more in your face, fantasy elements. There is, however, always some kind of link to realism, which is drawn mainly from my fondness for dark fantasy short stories.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, then why not try this free eBook download? What have you got to lose?

A New Tale for the Fantasy Short Story Collection

When you grab this free eBook download, you get even more for your… money?

There is more to this fantasy eBook than what is available on The Azrian Portal. This fantasy short story collection features an additional tale not found amoungst the shorts available on the website. 

Titled ‘The Siege’, it follows a soldier, caught in the heart of a brutal siege, preparing for his final moments. A story that really focuses on the aesthetics of Azra, The Siege also introduces some new and monstrous creatures we’ve not yet seen.

Fantasy Stories: Discovering More Free eBook Downloads

Looking to extend your ebook library with more free eBook downloads? Want to experience some of the best fantasy books money doesn’t even have to buy? The Azrian Anthology isn’t your only option when it comes to free eBook downloads. There are plenty of other great free fantasy ebooks out there. Here is a small selection of what is on offer to get you started:

Part of the Legends of Ansu, an enthralling fantasy collection, Gray Wolf sees young Corin’s world devastated when his parents are slain and sisters kidnapped. Forming a tentative relationship with the elite Wolf Regiment, Corin soon becomes part of a brutal civil war. Forced to choose between vengeance and ending terrible violence, where will his path take him?

A Quest of Heroes follows the story of youngest born and least-loved Thorgin. Born in a small village on the outskirts of the Kingdom of the Ring, the 14-year old knows he is different from his kin. His dream of being a great warrior takes him on a journey to becoming a man of the King’s Legion, determined to be more than what those around him expect.

After the death of his father, Alexander Valentine is reluctantly hurled into a world of ancient secrets and unrelenting darkness. Forced to play a pivotal part in a war that has been raging for millennia, Alexandar must journey to reclaim the powerful Thinblade weapon, stake his claim on the throne of Ruatha, and banish an enemy that seeks control of his unstable world of the Seven Isles.

Confident fighter and dangerous duelist, Sara Fairchild hopes to restore honour to her family following the execution of her disgraced father, an Imperial commander. But all isn’t what it appears. The truth about her father leads her on a quest of further revelations and secrets that many would rather stay hidden. As she collides with dark forces, and finds herself falling in love with the wrong person, Sara must question all she knows.

Not-So Free eBook Downloads: Paid Options

The Azrian Anthology features a free eBook download that is all about providing readers with something for nothing. You can enter and explore the world of Azra, you can delve into the lives of Azrians and be part of their stories, all without any financial commitment.

It’s that simple.

However, there are plenty of other fantasy eBook downloads out there that are worth exploring. They just come with a price tag.

This idea may or may not appeal to you. But, at The Azrian Portal, I’m all about giving people a choice:

  • The choice to pick and choose what stories they read.

  • The choice of which platform to read The Azrian Anthology free eBook download on.

  • The choice to explore the genre in more detail through paid eBook downloads if you like.

  • The choice to experience writers of fantasy other than myself.

What that means is, alongside my free eBook download, I would also like to share other fantasy eBook collections, even if they cost a penny or two. This is just so you at least have the opportunity to dive deeper into this particular realm of fiction, if you want to.

With that in mind, which other fantasy eBooks downloads would I recommend?


This one is an interesting fantasy eBook collection. Home to a diverse range of stories, Ken Liu’s work has picked much acclaim amongst many fans of the genre.


The clue is in the name. This eBook collection celebrates the best and brightest talents in the genre from the past sixty years. Full of greats, it’s got something for everyone.


This rich fantasy eBook comes complete with twenty unique stories. The collection includes contributions from legends like Neil Gaiman and G.R.R Martin, making it must have for any fantasy fan.

Sharp Ends.jpg

Written by one of my favourite fantasy authors, Joe Abercrombie, Sharp Ends packs in a bounty of tales from across his expansive world. Featuring an array of characters, including some beloved fan favourites, this is a fantasy eBook you shouldn’t miss.

Thinking you might actually want a physical copy to enjoy? The Azrian Portal has covered those, too! Check out the list of the best new fantasy books of 2019 and discover a new favourite.