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Welcome to Azra, a world unlike any other.

Looking for something a little different?

Looking for fantasy short stories to capture your imagination and transport you to new worlds, if only for a little while?

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In these fantasy short stories, you’ll discover a place of not only magic, wonder and curious creatures, but also diverse characters and communities. Azra is a world where monsters lurk and mystic energies hide beneath the surface, but where stories are also driven by characters that feel real. The fantasy stories you’ll find here on the Azrian Portal are written not just to help you escape the everyday, but are also designed to offer true depth and detail.

Azra is more than just a hiding place for dragons and wizards.

The fantasy short stories on The Azrian Portal range in length from quick 1000 word reads to longer 8000+ word slow-burns. You’ll easily be able to find the perfect tale for you, whether you are looking while away the time on your daily commute or settle back in an armchair and explore in a new world.



Kiara is a prostitute, and she can’t stand it. But she is trapped. Trapped between her own two perfect visions of hell. She wants to escape her life in the service of others, but her only way out is to reveal herself for the flame-wielding vessel of the Goddess Azra that she is. But that just leaves her in service of an even greater power; a prospect she sees as even more terrible. Maybe there is another way though. Maybe she can find a way to escape both prisons that seek to cage her. She just needs a little help…

The Wraith

It came while he was out in the city, chasing women and drinking himself into a stupor: the monster from the mountains. The wraith slaughtered his village, killed his father and stole his future. He has nothing left. Nothing but vengeance. Leading a small party of wrathful survivors into the mountains the claim back a life for the many the beast had taken, it soon becomes clear that the fight isn’t against the creature they hunt, it is for their very survival.

The Crucible

It's a game of wits. Of luck. Of Chance. Opponents face each other, one-on-one. A sword in the middle of the arena, a dagger at their side. The rules are simple, but the game is hard. Only a lone champion can emerge. Only one can survive.  

Ash and Bone

As the centuries pass, and the wealth of the family slowly dries up, one is selected to enter the forest. The goal is simple: claim the reward within its heart that keeps them in a life of luxury. It’s a secret passed down from generation to generation. But one thing the chosen is not prepared for, one thing nobody thought to tell them, is that the forest is ready to fight back. Ready to stop them taking what belongs to it.


Tradition is everything to the people of Myah's village, but when tradition is torn away, how will they cope with the wrath of God? The Voice of Azra decrees that no more sacrifices shall be made in her name. That the old ways are dead. The people of the village cannot abide by this law, but they have no choice, less they themselves be hung for heresy. As tensions rise and tempers fray, can Myah keep things together, or will the people’s fear of God get the better of them?


Alone in the woods. Hounded by hunters. There seems little hope for Driev. Escape means braving the darkness, it means exposing himself to the vulnerable world beyond his place of safety. But, if he stays here too long, he might never get out alive. Can Driev get the better of the beasts that peruse him, or will he become the prey they so desperately seek?


Monsters lurk in all kinds of places. In a nation torn apart by cultists and treacherous family members, an overthrown Prince struggles with how best to serve his people. Does he take up the mantle of his past and fight for them? Or does he keep the peace best he can? When temptation comes for him, when a chance to liberate his kin seems within reach, will he replace the monsters that enslave him, or will he become one of them?

Save Her

Captain Bankamp has seen horrors, but none like this. Neither the sights of death nor war could prepare him for what he found in a dark and dingy tavern deep in the frozen south. A young girl, a child: alone, scared and sold every night into a world not meant for someone so innocent and delicate. He has a chance to save her, but it will cost him everything he has.


He was born a fisherman, and he will die a fisherman, but he is also deathly afraid of the ocean and gets seasick at the slightest motion of a wave. But here, on the islands, where you can only ever be what you were born to be, in a society that doesn’t allow for anyone or anything to change their path, how can he escape a world he can longer stand to live within? How can you make progress in place that denies it at every corner? The answer is simple when you think about it: you take desperate and dangerous steps…


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Notes From The Writer: Why Fantasy Short Stories?

What made me want to write fantasy short stories? It’s a tough question. Fantasy is an exciting genre, where you can explore anything and everything. In your own world, you can approach a dark and gritty subject that pervades real-world ideals, or you can set yourself totally free and write about mythical creatures and deities. The limitless boundaries of fantasy short stories are what really drew me in. I’ve also found it’s easy to write bad free fantasy short stories.


Because when you create a world, your own world, you want to tell everyone everything about it. You want to inform them of all the minute details that go into making your fantasy realm exactly what it is. But when you write a fantasy short story, you’ve got limited time. You need to focus. This isn’t a 150,000 epic high fantasy novel. It’s a brief encounter in an unfamiliar landscape. Too often, I’ve been reading a piece of short fantasy fiction that delves too heavily into the world, forgetting the narrative in favour of building a place we’re only in briefly.

Writing fantasy short stories is a challenge.

It’s about finding that balance between world and telling a story. It’s a challenge I enjoy and one I hope I’ve overcome in at least some of the free fantasy short stories above. In particular, I find myself drawn to dark fantasy short stories. I’m not sure why.

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