Fantasy Short Stories PDF Download

The Azrian Anthology is a fantasy ebook collection featuring ten tales from across the fictional world of Azra. The stories that unfold within these pages vary from less than two thousand words in length to longer sagas of over eight thousand. Within the Azrian Anthology you’ll find examples of:

  • High fantasy

  • Low fantasy

  • Mystery and suspense

  • Grimdark stories

This fantasy short stories PDF download includes themes that cover love and loss, betrayal and self-sacrifice, internal struggles and physiological intrigue. All the stories within The Azrian Anthology eBook are character-driven and focused on small-scale journeys or adventures.


What Will You Find in This Fantasy Short Stories PDF Download?

All the stories found in The Azrian Anthology are self-contained and separate from one another. They can be enjoyed as one-off reads or together as a collection of fiction set within the world of Azra.

A total of ten short fiction stories are available within this PDF download. They include:

  • Kiara - A young woman, forced into selling her body to keep herself alive, finds she is given an opportunity to escape her oppressive world. But is it all too good to be true?

  • The Wraith - Caught out in the frozen mountains, hunting a creature of pure destruction, a lone figure struggles to cling on to life, kept going by only his need for revenge.

  • Monsters -  What is a monster? How does it come into being? Is it born, or is made? A cast-aside Prince of a once great nation is about to find out exactly that.

  • Ash and Bone - It is his burden to bear. He must carry his prize to its destination, through a wild and deathly forest. A forest that doesn’t want him beneath its trees.

  • Save Her - Bankamp has seen plenty of dark and twisted things in his time, but nothing could prepare him for this. What he found in the dark reaches of the world, in a little tavern perched within a harsh, grim and snow-bound mining town, will have him question all he knows.

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